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  Punkta Pro - Insurance multiagency with over 25 years of experience in the mass insurance industry and corporate customer service
  • Punkta Pro aware of economic, social and environmental impact

    Punkta Pro, together with other companies of the Punkta Group, has joined the international group of companies striving to achieve the status of a sustainable business. We believe in the potential of our impact on our environment and commit to maintaining and increasing our focus on activities that have a positive impact on our natural environment, employees, customers, society and the world around us.


    Our ESG approach supports the circular economy goals of progressively reducing the use of finite resources and eliminating energy waste.


    We work to build the economic and social value of our business through close cooperation with the society around us and sincere respect for our business partners.


    We believe that good and effective corporate governance, with a professional ESG approach, is a prerequisite for building a strong organization.