Take control
of your claims

We exist to support our clients in every situation, which is why
we relieve them of the burden of handling the claims settlement process.
Our experienced Claims handling team will professionally deal with any damage.

  Punkta Pro - Insurance multiagency with over 25 years of experience in the mass insurance industry and corporate customer service

Our expert teams will professionally
deal with any claim using our in-house
technological solutions.


A team of specialists responsible for the first phase of the loss adjustment process, which includes: acceptance of the damage report, reporting of the damage to Insurance Company, coordination of the assistance services, collecting the required documents and information necessary for the efficient start of the claim handling process, as well as the possible securing of recourse claims in the case. Consultants are always at our clients' disposal, ready to answer questions regarding assistance and claims settlement.

We receive over 16,000 phone calls per month
98% of calls answered within 60 seconds
91% of calls answered in less than 15 seconds

A team of experienced specialists dealing with vehicle repair orders and additional services such as towing, organization of a replacement vehicle or D2D services.

The team carries out the process of ordering vehicle repairs in accordance with the guidelines of Insurance Companies to the appropriate networks of cooperating service stations, and also conducts constant monitoring of repairs carried out in order to optimize vehicle repair time.

Substantive Claims Handling Team
Substantive Claims Handling Team

A team of substantive Claims handlers with experience and extensive competences in the area of examining motor and property insurance claims.

The team is responsible for the substantive assessment of the material collected during the claims procedure.

Technical Claims Handling Team
Technical Claims Handling Team

A team of technicians with knowledge and experience in automotive technology. The team's employees are responsible for supervision and control over the technical part of the loss adjustment process, i.e. vehicle inspection, verification of the scope of damage to the scope of repair, verification of the parameters used to calculate the vehicle repair value.

The team carries out vehicle inspections and valuations throughout Poland.

Our IT Systems

Scalable IT Systems
Scalable IT Systems

Thanks to significant investments in our own business infrastructure, we have created our own, fully scalable IT system, allowing us to effectively process all claims.

Workflow systems and task modules
Own tools
IT systems integrated with insurance companies' systems
Advanced security systems
Original solutions and full service
Dedicated IT team